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Insights From The Word contains the teaching materials of G. Michael Cocoris.


A Piece of My Mind Articles Periodically, Mike writes articles out of his reflections on life in general and spiritual things in particular. They are emailed free upon request. All back issues are listed here. 


Books Mike's books include a book on evangelism and expositions of various Biblical books.


Tapes and CDs Audio tapes and, in some cases, CDs of Mike's expositions of Biblical books and Biblical topics are available.


Basic Bible Course This course  covers an overview of the Bible, an introduction of each book of the Bible, a practical explanation of the major doctrines of the Bible and more.


Topical Studies Topical Studies are in depth studies of Biblical and theological issues.

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The Salvation Controversy

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 "Insights from the Word" is heard daily Monday-Friday over satellite radio in Europe. It is also on  the internet at 1 pm and 8 pm PST, Monday-Friday. Go to radionewhope.org and in the upper right hand corner click on Astra.

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